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This list of checks is designed to help you decide if electrical works are needed to your property. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your electrical installation; we will be happy to help.

1)      Is any Electrical wiring more than 15 years old?
Standards and cables have changed and the safest option is to renew. If the age of the system is unknown, there are telltale signs to look out for, such as any round-pin plugs and sockets, or ceiling lights that use the old, twisted type of flex.

2)      Is it more than ten years since your electrical wiring was checked?
All electrical systems deteriorate gradually over time and the latest guidance recommends ten years as the maximum time between safety inspections.

3)      Has any of your electrical work been carried out by amateurs?
If he previous owner of your property was a DIY type or had handyman friends it is possible that work has been carried out other than in accordance with the regulations. Although this may have been perfectly legal at the time, it wouldn't comply with Part P today, and there may well be safety implications.

4)      Do your electrical plugs or sockets get hot?
Overheating is usually a sign that too much current is being drawn, this can often happen with overloaded extension cables or spurred sockets.

5)      Do fuses blow regularly and for no obvious reason?
This can indicate potentially dangerous current surges in the network.

6)      Do you use adaptors routinely to run multiple electric appliances from a single outlet?
Older electrical systems often provide insufficient sockets to cope with modern lifestyles, and resorting to adapters runs the risk of overloading the electrical system. Similarly, extension cables can put an extra strain on the system, so it's wise to avoid them where possible.

7)      Do you use electrical equipment outdoors?
The added hazard of running electrical equipment outside demands an electrical system engineered to the highest safety standards. Any electrical socket with equipment plugged into it that is used outdoors needs to have a separate RCD assigned to it.

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