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You have been out and bought a nice new flat screen telly, and now you are looking at it and wondering how the heck you are going to get it on the wall and how you are going to hide the three platefulls of spaghetti dangling below it. These things can ruin the look of the stylish new equipment and are sometimes a lot harder than they first seem.  I.L.S.Electrical Contractors are able to provide an professional installation service for your electrical equipment including home entertainment systems or anything else you may have:-

Large screen T.V.
LCD Projectors

DVD Players
Home entertainment systems
PA systems
Induction loops to comply with DDA regulations
Wired for sound - Music throughout the house

We have extensive experience in installing large and small A/V and other entertainment systems and would be happy to give you a price for your requirements.

Contact us now for a price and get it done promptly and properly.


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