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Inspection and testing is regarded as a very important part of any electrical installation work.

If you would like your existing system tested, or you are moving home you can arrange for one of our engineers to call and carry out an inspection at a convenient time.

All work undertaken by I.L.S. Electrical is inspected and tested to very high standards to ensure safety and quality of work at all times.

We take electrical safety very seriously and because of that we always carry out inspection and testing before and after we do any work to your home or business. This is to ensure that the existing installation is capable of handling any additional load that might occur as a result of the new works. We also need to make sure that the earthing arrangements meet current standards.

After we have completed the inspection and testing of any work, we will issue you with a certificate and details of the tests.This can be retained to provide proof of the safety of your electrical installations to anyone concerned such as tenants, or prospective purchasors.

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